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Of all the treasured moments in our lives, few are as memorable as your wedding day.  Through the years, you will reminisce about the setting, the fashions, the food, the festivities, family & friends and, perhaps most significant, the ceremony.

Selecting the perfect Wedding Officiant is among the most important choices you will make for that special moment. 

As a certified and experienced Officiant, it has brought me great pleasure and joy to work with couples in crafting the perfect wedding ceremony of their dreams; or if already married, renewing their vows by personalizing those events to create a true reflection of their history together as a couple.

The act of committing or recommitting yourselves to one another
in a Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony is an intimate and personal experience, and doing that in front of a group of people can be intimidating.  I will create an atmosphere of love and trust for you to convey your commitment.

It will be your ceremony, and I will be your guide, nurturing a loving environment as you express your love and devotion to one another.

what is your ideal wedding?

Wedding ceremonies today are joyful celebrations that comprise a multitude of options including the blending of different religions, families, traditions and diversity. 

Your dream wedding ceremony can include any and all of the elements of a traditional or nontraditional service, while incorporating the very personal aspects that speak directly of your own relationship.

As an experienced and trusted Wedding Officiant, I have created numerous and very unique services reflective of a couple’s personal journey.  Let me help guide you with your goals to create a wonderful, memorable and timeless experience that will be remembered and treasured for a lifetime.

what is your ideal renewal?

If you are already married, you know how special your first walk down the aisle was for you as a couple.  As time passes, new moments and memories in your married lifetime are created that you may wish to acknowledge and celebrate.  The perfect way to express your continued love and devotion is a Renewal of Vows, allowing you as a couple to revisit and re-commemorate that moment in time when your life changed forever.  Renewal Vows are becoming more and more popular as couples of all ages take time to reflect back on their lives and the world they created for themselves since their wedding day.

The road traveled offers a wealth of ways to say I love you, again.